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When this beautiful century old bank barn was slated for demolition in the Bradford area the Langford family, being 5th generation farmers, quickly jumped on the idea of giving this barn a new life and home in Ivy Ontario. The barn was carefully dismantled piece by piece with a vision in mind to be reconstructed to its original beauty with modern day amenities.

Dismantling of the barn started in June 2016, and this is where we really began to respect the level of craftsmanship that was used over 100 years ago. Every single beam was hand hewed, mortise and tenon joints were chiseled by hand, as well as the pegs holding the joints together. During this dismantling phase was when we knew that we needed to use century old techniques with modern day engineering, to give this barn a new life, while paying respect to our forefathers that built and assembled it.

The raising of the barn took place in 2017 and again we greatly admired the extensive ingenuity it took these men to raise this barn originally.  We were able to use heavy machinery to help carefully put this beautiful structure back into place, while meeting all the structural and building requirements. New siding was added and before we knew it there was a new century barn standing proud again in its original glory!

Soon our family began to refurbish the interior by adding new floors, polishing the granary boards and adding large barn doors to take in the incredible views. Beautiful landscaping now surrounds the barn to complement the inside with just as much detail.

Everyone in the family is so proud to have had a hand in bringing this century barn back to life. We hope you enjoy your celebration in this historic building & relish in the rustic elegance that is Ivy Ridge.


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